Heat Pump Hot Water System

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Air and Water Residential

  • Better prices than plumbers on Rinnai
  • 10 years’ experience in hot water systems
  • A range of quick and easy interest free finance options available
  • 5 year installation guarantee
  • Hassle free, fast installation

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular for Perth homes and, with the exception of solar hot water systems, they are the only hot water system to receive federal rebates.

About Heat Pumps

Heat pump hot water systems use heat in the air to heat water. Think of them like a reverse refrigeration unit – using heat exchange to transfer heat in the air to water in the storage unit, even on the coldest days. This system is highly energy efficient and cost effective.

Heat pumps are ideal if you don’t have roof space or suitable orientation to install solar hot water panels and you don’t have a natural gas supply.  Heat pumps do not require sunshine to work.

Whilst the initial purchase price is higher than some other types of hot water system, federal rebates (STCs) offset around one fifth of the cost of the system. STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates) are determined by a government body, ORER, and more STCs are awarded for more efficient systems. EvoHeat EVO270-1 is very efficient, consequently itattracts high STCs. STCs trade at around $20-38 each. The value of each STC varies frequently depending upon supply and demand.  Green Energy trade STCs and you can view their current STC rate online. The STC price is granted at the date of installation. For combined supply and installation jobs the STCs are usually deducted from the purchase price of the system. We also provide supply only and plonk on heat pump hot water systems. For Supply Only or Plonk On jobs, you are only charged the retail price and you claim back the STCs once your system is installed. Supply Only prices exclude delivery charges.

EvoHeat Heat Pump

Air & Water supply and install EvoHeat heat pump hot water system.

EvoHeat Heat Pump Evo150-1 and 270-1
Manufactured in Australia
Reliable quality system? Yes
Air heats the water all day and night? Yes
Suitable for every home? Yes in Perth metropolitan region
Is the storage tank a separate unit from the heat pump compressor? No
Tank construction Steel coated with vitreous enamel
Does it have a sacrificial anode? Yes
Tank capacity 150 or 270 litres
Quantity of STCs (which you then multiply by the current STC price and deduct from the purchase price) 26 and 27 STCs respectively
Tank dimensions (mm) 1922 high x 640 wide
Average system life  5 – 10 years
Warranty for domestic use* Parts 5 years on tank 2 year on compressor labour 1 year
Price for supply and standard installation (270lt System) $5,420
STC rebate with STC price of $35 at 1.04.2022 $(945)
Price to you $4,475.00
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Information as at 1st April 2022. Don’t purchase based on this information without confirming that is still current.

*Commercial use warranty is 1 year parts and labour.