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By submitting the Quote Request Form you are agreeing to certain information being provided to Air and Water and elect Comfort Solutions.  Air & Water acknowledges the importance of protecting the privacy of its customers who use the Air & Water website and of securing their personal information. This Privacy Policy summarises what general and personal information Air and Water collects and what it is used for.

Air and Water Privacy Policy

Air and Water adheres to the 10 National Privacy Principles (NPPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth), which govern the way personal information is collected, recorded, stored, used and disclosed. Air and Water takes all reasonable steps to secure customers’ personal information.  Such information is protected by online registration and secure servers.

One NPP is of particular relevance to Air and Water:

NPP 2 prohibits the use or disclosure of personal information, for any purpose (“secondary purpose”) other than the purpose for which the information was obtained (“primary purpose”), unless an exception is applicable. The exceptions in the Privacy Act (1988) are as follows:

Does Air and Water collect general information?

Yes.  When someone visits the Air and Water website, Air & Water logs basic, aggregated information that cannot be used to personally identify, or contact the user.  Aggregate information allows Air & Water to monitor general trends in webite usage.  For example this website has been accessed 2,000 times in the last month. No attempt will be made to identify users or their browsing activities from the general information except where this is permitted by the Privacy Act.  For example, where the police exercise a warrant to inspect our logs for the enforcement of a criminal law.

Does Air and Water collect other personal information from online forms filled out on the website?

Yes, but not without your consent.  Apart from the general information described above, Air and Water only collects personal information that is voluntarily provided by the website user, to access a service on the website i.e. the customer requesting a quote. You are entitled to have access to personal information that is kept about you, and to make changes to this information.

How does Air and Water use this personal information collected from the website?

Air & Water asks you to supply certain information about yourself when you chose to request a quote.  The personal information will only be used for the purpose you provided it for, in line with the privacy principles of the Privacy Act, and as required by law.

Will my personal information be shared with any other companies?

Only as agreed by you or as necessary to operate the service (for example, with subcontractors to install the unit you have purchased).  Otherwise Air and Water will not share your name or other personal information with third parties at any time except to fulfil legal and regulatory obligations.