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Welcome to Air & Water, Perth’s leading air conditioner experts!

Based in Western Australia, we specialize in offering efficient, sleek, and customizable cooling systems that blend seamlessly into your home or office environment.

With over 25 years of experience in the air conditioning industry, our dedicated team is committed to delivering comfort and quality, ensuring your space stays at the perfect temperature all year round. Explore our range of options designed to suit your needs.

Perth's Air Conditioning SpecialistsAir & Water: Perth’s Trusted Name

Air & Water is Perth’s trusted name in selling and installing quality air conditioners and heating. We source the best brands and quality components to install reliable Evaporative Air Conditioners, Ducted Air Conditioning and Split System Air Conditioners, Smart Homes, and ducted gas heating.

All our sales and installations are backed with unbeatable warranties. We install units across the Perth metro area (north to Two Rocks and south to Mandurah).

Our dedicated, friendly team has comforted Perth’s thousands of homes and businesses. We are experts in heating and air conditioning and can help you reduce your running costs and environmental impact. As a specialist dealer for quality heating and cooling systems brands named below, we can find a solution that suits your property.

For convenience, we often refer to our business as Air & Water. Our trading names are Air and Water Commercial, which handles commercial tenders, and Air and Water Residential, which handles all other work, including builders and non-tendered commercial work.

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Air Conditioning Perth

Finding Air Conditioning in Perth

Four main types of air conditioners are installed in Perth, Western Australia – ducted reverse cycle, evaporative air conditioners, split systems and package units (for commercial use only). To easily compare the features of these four air conditioning types, page down to the table below.

Choosing the right air conditioning for your Perth home or business can be tricky. That’s why Air & Water come to you to help with the right information, price, quality and installation. We will:

  • arrange an in-home appointment with you (or work from your property plans)
  • measure up and check your property design
  • go through your requirements
  • walk you through all of the variables
  • determine the right type of air conditioner for your needs, budget and property design.

We then design the perfect air conditioning system and provide a detailed no-obligation quote for free (along with a copy of our terms, conditions and warranty, should you wish to proceed). Once you award the work to us, we will supply and install the air conditioner based on our discussion with you, design and quote.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Air and Water for Your Air Con

  • WOMO customer service award 2014 and 2015 as voted in the top 5% of companies based on our customers’ independent reviews.
  • Specialist dealer trained by the manufacturers. 5 year warranty on our installation.
  • Quality brands across all types of air con – ducted reverse cycle, evaporative, package units and split systems. Over 5,000 commercial and residential air conditioners have been installed in the last seven years.
  • Free/no obligation quotes
  • Competitive prices to suit all budgets.
  • Finance is available to approved applicants.

Air Conditioning Comparisons
To help you work out which system is right for you, this table compares the different types of systems and what they can do.

Evaporative Ducted Reverse Cycle Split Systems Package Unit
Heating and cooling Cooling only Both Both Both
Whole of home / office Yes Yes Room only Yes
Unit location On roof Inside roof & outside On wall & outside On roof
Ducting in the roof space Yes* Yes* No Yes if roof space
Running costs Very low High High High
Zoning to reduce running costs No Yes No No
Copes well with humidity No Yes Yes Yes
Maintains performance at temperatures above 36oC No Yes Yes Yes
Doors & windows open or shut Open** Shut Shut Shut
Typical system life 10 – 15 yrs 15 – 20 yrs 10 – 15 yrs 15 – 20 yrs
Installed purchase price $3,000 – $6,000 residential units $8,000 – $25,000 $1,500 – $5,000 $15,000+
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Information is current at April 2022. Do not purchase based on this information without confirming that it is still current. *Different-sized ducting and different outlets are required for each type of air conditioner. ** Air & Water provide an optional security air grille so you can use your evaporative on a low setting with your doors and windows shut.

Customer Reviews

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