The Smart Home

The Smart Home has arrived and Air and Water know how to give it to you without all the expensive wiringiZone logo and installation complications that is expected when looking at these systems.

The base our our Smart Home is the iZone control system.

Air and Water were the first company in Perth and in fact the world to install an iZone system. Over the years we have been awarded for the work we have done with iZone and are proud to say we are still the number one dealer with iZone and iSave.

Most of the Smart Homes we have been involved with have started with the installation of a ducted air conditioner, but this not need be the case.


As long there is internet access to the home or office.

Just plug the cable from the iZone WiFi bridge to your router.

The Smart Home is started.



However as we start most Smart Homes with an air conditioner, lets start the Smart Home story from there. The iZone controller is leading the way in smart and stylish ducted reverse cycle air conditioning and zone control in one easy to use touch pad. iZone over the years have improved the controller and offer a number of models that will operate on most air conditioning systems. At Air and Water we install the iZone control system on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Panasonic, Hitachi, Daikin and Gree systems to name a few.

iZone 155 Naked

iZone supply the 155 Naked controller. This controller is able to control all the systems noted above and more.

It will control both the air conditioner and the zones.

If WiFi is available the the WiFi module has been installed, you are able to control the system via your smart device from any where.

The iZone 155 will treat up to 6 zones.

Why is it called the naked controller? Because the actual controller does not have to be installed or fitted to the wall. Leave it in a drawer or in the cupboard as you actually never need to go to it.

If you are on a budget, but want all the features, we at Air and Water have the right solution for you.

iZone 425 Nano

One step up from the Naked is the Nano controller. The original facia from the first iZone controller we installed,

now comes with all the functions and apps  as the Nexus, just in the smaller wall mounted controller.

On double storey homes, you may want to have a second one installed, known as a slave, but with been able to use your smart device to control the system this is technically            not required.


iZone 435 Nexus

Installing a ducted refrigerated system with an iZone controller is the smart thing to do. The iZone controller will convert your home or office into a Smart Home. No expensive wiring, and once it is installed you can add any of the iZone smart devices to make your life comfortable.

Look at our iZone 435 page to see what this controller will do.

iZone Lighting

Turn up your lighting game while turning down your energy costs. The iZone lights are not like all the others on the market. Yes you can buy cheaper, but they do not give you all the features and functions like an iLight.

iLights are available as a bayonet or screw base light globe or as a down light.

Even if you have down lights currently installed, we are able to install a bridge that will allow you to use these lights via the smart device. The lights will not have all the features as above, but it is a start.

Install iZone Wireless light switches to compliment the home and life gets even more Comfortable

The iZone wireless light switches are available in one, two or three button configuration

The iZone wireless light switches are available in white, black or Ocean Mist

The iZone wireless light switch has the movement sensor incorporated

Labelled buttons are available to allow for switch identification

Switch for blinds, fans are also able to be connected to the iZone wireless switch plate when modules are connected to the appliances.

Smart Power

We would all love to turn off stand by power and save electricity, but quite often the plug is not able to be reached.

Or we have a kettle or even some lights that do not have the iZone globe installed.

What about the electric blanket, that you want on when you get into bed.

The iZone smart plug allows you to turn on and off all those things in life you cant reach via your smart device.

Set up IFTTT so that the electric blanket will turn on if the temperature falls below 15 degrees.


Smart Security

The one major benefit of having a Smart Home, is not just the extra Comfort you will have, but the added security.

So many of the iZone devices provide added security for the home.

From turning the lights on before you get home or setting favourites the iLight helps you be safe. Sett the lights in favourites so that when you are away or even just running late for the night, the various rooms will turn on and off and different times. This makes it appear as if you are home so the opportunistic burglar will believe some on is in and go next door.

iZone Door Bell

When you are not at home, quite often the unwanted visitor will ring the door bell to see if you are in. Disappoint them.

Answer the door bell from anywhere. See and talk to them as if you are home, just like a video call.

If you want to scare them sound a warning bell.

But before you do that take a photo so you will have proof of who or when they were there (additional SD card will be required).

Have a delivery but not at home, as long as you have the garage door opener, have then place the parcel in the garage.

Coloured night vision.


iZone Camera

When used in conjunction with an iZone Door Bell, you have extra security at your fingertips.

Place an iZone Camera in the garage, so when that parcel is delivered, you can see what they are doing in the garage.

Motion detection with wide angle view.

Built in loud speaker with adjustable volume.

Coloured night vision

Built in 100dB Siren



iZone Garage

You may have a garage door that already has its own open and close feature. Improve this and the security with an iZone Garage Door closer.

You can also use this device on a set of gates.

Makes it easy to have deliveries made when you are not at home.

Marry the system up with a iZone Door Bell and an iZone Camera and life is safe.

Set up IFTTT to let you know if your garage door or gate is still open after a certain time. It will text message you if it is.

Close the garage door from your Smart Device

Smart Monitoring

So many Perth homes have solar power generation panels on their rooves, but receive very little rebate from the State government when excess power not been used in the home is exposted. However the power companies still charge the maximum rates per unit of electricity supplied.

So the smart thing to do is read how power the system is generating and then turn appliances on and off to use the excess power at no charge.

Turn on your air conditioner, one of the highest users of electricity in the home, and precool the home. When doing this and then using the iSave system at night, the money you will save in power cost savings will easily cover the costs of the iSave and the power monitoring module in no time.

Smart Reticulation

How often are we at work and then realise it is raining and the reticulation is scheduled to come on. Not any more.

An iZone Reticulation Controller is the Smart Controller.

From any where in the world, or even from just your bed, control your sprinklers via your smart device.

The standard iZone Reticulation system has 8 stations, but you are able to add more up to 24 stations.

Adjust the on/off cycles simply by your device.

Use your device so no need to run back wards and forwards when checking each station.

Reduce water run off by utilizing soak programs.

Use IFTTT to automatically skip water days if it rains.

Saves water, helps the environment and helps your hip pocket.

Smart Entertainment

The iZone Smart Home you can use Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri to control all the homes Smart features by your voice.

Any of the iZone Smart Home apps which you can control via a Smart device, can also be controlled by your voice.

Control your music via the iZone Home App. Sonos, Spotify and IFTTT is all in the voice.

Apple Home Kit and Samsung Smartthings are all there ready to assist make your home a Smart Home.






When update are issued, it is simply a matter of logging onto the iZone World Home log in and updating your system.

Any one in the home, who you provide the log in for, can have access to all the Smart Home features.

Any new module that is released, and there are more coming, will only need a update and your life will be further improved.

Air and Water supplies and installs  iZone controllers and the iZone Smart Home modules and items. Contact Air and Water Residential for your free quote to discover how iZone could make your comfortable.