Brochures of the Brands Air and Water Recommends

As an independent business, Air and Water chooses which brand we sell.

With 25 years experience in air conditioning and 10 years in water and gas systems, owner and sales person Don chooses the best brands on the market which suit the different needs customers want addressed.

Some companies believe in only selling one brand. We believe choice is important: similar to the phrase “one size does not fit all” one brand or system does not fit everyone. Each customer has different considerations from the budget conscious first home buyer to the industrial laboratory where warranty terms and response times are paramount.

On our website we have links to the Brand pages that we promote and recommend.

Here we give you access to the brochures of those brands and products.

Click on the Links below to launch each brochure.

We have endeavoured to name each brochure as clear as possible, so it is easy for you to find the relevant product. These pages are still under construction so not all links are ready yet, sorry.

Elect Comfort Solutions Flyer

Bonaire Commercial Brochure

Braemar Gas Ducted Heating Brochure

Cool Breeze Brochure 2020

Cool Breeze M240- Mobile Evap Cooler A4

CoolBreeze Commercial Brochure 2020-21

Evo150-1 Heat Pump Brochure

Evo 270-1 Heat Pump Brochure

EzyCool Brochure

Gree Bora Brochure

Gree Duct Brochure

iZone Smart Home Brochure

Kaden Ducted Gas Brochure

MHI Ceiling Systems Brochure – 2021

MHI Ducted Systems Brochure 2021

MHI Multi Split Brochure

MHI Split Systems Brochure 2021

Panasonic NanoeX flyer

Panasonic F-GTP01M Portable Nanoe-X Generator

Panasonic F-PXU70M Nanoe-X Air Purifier with HEPA

Panasonic FV-15CSD1 Air-e Nanoe-X Generator

Panasonic Multi Split Brochure

Panasonic Wall Split Brochure

Panasonic NX Ducted Brochure