Rinnai Flued Gas Heaters

Gas flued heaters heat one room but with larger models heat may flow into other rooms.  They are designed to be installed with a flue. This means any unburnt gas are expelled outside via the metal chimney (flue) rather into your room. This makes them suitable for people with breathing difficulties, the young or infirm.

Flued gas heaters are reported as being less efficient than portable (unflued) gas heaters because some heat is lost through the flue. However it is preferable to lose heat through the flue than to lose heat through air vents required with portable heaters. (Two air vents must be installed adjacent to a gas bayonet to ensure there is adequate fresh air in the room. The portable heater than attaches to the gas bayonet).

If you want affordable room heating with zero emissions then a gas flued heater is the answer. For your safety, it is important that you have your gas heater serviced every two years and regularly inspect your chimney for any signs of damage or blockage eg discolouration or stains on the wall.

Rinnai Energysaver 559FT, gas flued heater
Rinnai Energysaver 559FT, gas flued heater
Rinnai Ultima II gas flued space heater
Rinnai Ultima II gas flued space heater

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Rinnai Gas Flued Heater Comparison

Energysaver Ultima Spectra
Models 309FT, 559FT, 561FT, 1005FT+ Inbuilt or freestanding (console) Inbuilt or free standing (console)
Type of Heater Convection Radiant and convection Radiant and convection
Area Heats* 309FT:   27-49m2
559FT:   47-85m2
561FT:   47-85m2
1005FT: 75-138m2
59-109m2 41-75m2
Output (kW) 309FT:   2.9
559FT:   5.2
561FT:   5.0
1005FT: 8.6
7.0 5.2
Colour White Silver or beige Beige or brown
Efficiency (Star Rating) 4.8 4.4 2.1
Emissions (Star Rating) 6.0 6.0 6.0
Features Thermostat, dual timers,
child lock, economy mode & more
Thermostat, multiple timers,
child lock, economy mode & more
Manual 3 settings
Installation Various options** Fit into an existing fireplace Fit into an existing fireplace

+ Commercial models 559FDT and 1005FDT also available
* The large variation in area heated reflects the temperature conditions. As Perth has a mild climate the heaters tend to heat the larger area specified but this will depend on outside temperature and home conditions like insulation, window size and draughts
** Contains a”Powerflue” which provides muliple installation options.

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