The Ultimate Guide to Buying Air Conditioning: Part 4

We’ve covered a lot of ground in our Ultimate Guide to Buying an Air Conditioner – from an overview of the different types, to choosing the best one for your home without adding costly features you don’t need. To wrap up we’re going to look at where to buy your air conditioner and who to have install it.

Where to Buy

Some high street department stores sell portable air conditioners and wall splits but these are not always of the highest quality.

Electrical retailers usually sell portable, wall splits and window wall air conditioners of varying quality but don’t provide installation and offer limited advice on sizing and location. Good deals can be found on the unit but make sure you know what the installation is going to cost before you buy. Verify installation exclusions and avoid installers unnecessarily upselling wall brackets. Check the unit and installation warranty coverage.

Specialist Air Conditioning Dealers

Specialist air conditioning dealers sell the full range of split systems and/or evaporative air conditioners. Dealers:

Air & Water's Daikin dealer award

 Choosing An Air Conditioning Dealer

What the Quote Should Cover

We have long hot summers in Australia, so there’s no time like the present to prepare your home for the heat we’ve come to know so well. To get an air conditioner that best suits your needs and is cost efficient, you should carefully consider the points we have covered in our four part Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning. We hope it has been useful and lets you find affordable air conditioned comfort for many years to come.

If you would like to talk to us about finding the right system for your home in Perth, feel free to call us, Air and Water Residential, on (08) 6363 5343.

This guide was written by Don Curnow owner of Air and Water Residential. Don has 18 years experience in the air conditioning industry in Perth and Melbourne. Air and Water Residential supply and install evaporative, ducted reverse cycle, wall splits and all other types of split system air conditioners for homeowners and businesses in Perth, Western Australia.