Live in Comfort: Use Individual Zoned Temperature Control

iSense for individual zoned temperature control

Our homes are now more than somewhere we eat and sleep. For many it is also a home office, movie theatre and gym.  With these diverse uses and men and women being comfortable at different temperatures, people want to set a different temperature in different rooms of their homes. This can now be done affordably with individual zoned temperature control using sensors linked to your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner. Have each room on its own air conditioning zone to set a different temperature in each room.

Sensors also help keep the air conditioning running cost down as the air conditioner responds to the temperature reading at the sensor rather than reading it from the return air grille (which is normally located in the hall).

Air and Water supply and install Airstream sensors (across the Perth metro area) which are compatible with the iZone 435 air conditioner and zone controller. It is most affordable and common to install the sensors when the air conditioning is installed.

Sensory Delight

iZone and Sensors Gallery

Left to Right: iZone, wireless sensors and iSense

The two types of sensor you can use for individual zoned temperature control:

Both types of sensors and iZone are available in the Clipsal colours: black, white, silver or surfmist.

Wireless Sensors

Wireless sensors are the cheapest option. The sensor is a stylish wall switch mounted in each zone to turn the zone on or off. The temperature is set at the iZone controller.


iSense is more than just a temperature sensor with a switch:

Both wireless sensors and iSense are compatible with iSave, another great way to save your air conditioning running costs.

Price for Zoned Temperature Control

The retail price of wireless temperature control is $100 per sensor. If Air and Water Residential are also installing your air conditioning we offer a significant discount. It is more difficult to retrofit iSense as the units are individually wired back to the controller.

Air and Water supply and install iZone compatible Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Daikin, Panasonic and a wide range of other branded ducted reverse cycle air conditioning across the Perth metro area. Contact us today for your free quote.