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  • One of the few Perth companies experienced in the sale and installation of wall furnaces
  • Sells both Australia brands (Bonaire Pyrox and Braemar)
  • Quick and easy interest free finance options
  • 5 year warranty on installation
  • Free quote, no obligation to buy

Wall furnaces are wall mounted and cool to touch. They are flued so any unburnt gases are expelled outside. Wall furnaces heat larger areas than radiant or convection heaters. Their large heating area, speed of heating and safety makes them popular for open plan homes and community halls.

Bonaire Pyrox Silhouette
Bonaire Pyrox Silhouette
Braemar WF25 or WF30
Braemar WF25 or WF30

Adding an optional rear register enables you to heat an adjoining room so you don’t have to buy two heaters, also saving wall space.

The higher the star rating the more efficient the furnace is. A higher star rating unit will cost less to run and be better for the environment than a lower star heater. The bigger the area treated the lower the star rating,

The flexibility of installation adds to their popularity as they can be:

Brand Braemar logo Bonaire Pyrox Logo
Made In Australia Australia
Colour Ivory Silver Beige
Area Treated* 75 – 110m2 75 – 110m2
Star Rating 1.4 – 4.8 1.7 – 5.2
Running Cost Low. The low star rating is on the commercial models because of the large area treated
System Life 10 – 20 years 10 – 20 years
Options** Rear register, controller with timer on Silhouette only Rear register, controller with timer on WF25 only
Warranty 2 years parts & labour
10 years heat exchanger
3 years parts & labour
10 years heat exchanger
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* Area is based on a cool climate
** LPG models are available from Braemar but are not recommended by Air & Water because of their higher running cost and the inconvenience if your gas bottle runs out.