Panasonic Air Conditioning – Keeping you healthy

Air & Water and Panasonic

Air & Water in Perth are proud have been a Network Dealer of Panasonic air conditioners and believe that Panasonic with the NanoeX feature on all their Premium products place them in front of the crowd.

As expected of a Japanese company which have manufactured a wide range of electrical products, know what quality and reliability is all about. For over 100 years, Panasonic have grown and developed a business where the focus of the product is Quality. Panasonic product really have the comment “we had one and it never worked” made when the brand is presented.

Panasonic have manufactured reverse cycle air conditioning, providing a quality system, focused on performance and constantly improving the product.  With this in mind the Panasonic Premium range now incorporates the NanoeX technology. The company ethos has been to provide a Quality of life and with the NanoeX they now provide a air quality unsurpased.

Available on a small bedroom wall split, up to a large 20kW ducted system, the NanoeX technology is an air purifier as well as a heater or cooler. Panasonic air conditioners with NanoeX will deodorise while inhibiting up to 99% of common vires and bacteria, improving the indoor quality of air for maximum comfort. Of all the air conditioning manufacturer’s, Panasonic manufacture a range of air conditioners which suit the Australian life style and home configuration.

Panasonic air conditioners use R32 gas, to protect the world we live in.

The right Panasonic Air Conditioner for you?

If you already know what system or model air conditioner you need for your home or business, talk to us today to arrange a quote, or simply send us your house plans and we’ll work it all out for you and call you back.

If you’re not sure which Panaonic air conditioner you need, here’s a quick look at their range.  To understand the types and price range of different domestic systems read our Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning.

Domestic Range (5 Year Warranty)

Panasonic have two model of wall splits in Australia, the Standard and the Premium

  • Standard Series – from 2.5kW up to 8.0kW 
  • Premium Series – all with NanoeX technology.

All wall splits come with a vast range of features to increase comfort, efficiency, reduce noise and  reduce running costs.

The Standard are well priced without comprising on performance or quality.  The Standard also has Superior Airflow utilising twin independent fan motors.

Control all the Panasonic split systems with Voice Control. Using your existing Google assistant or Alexa devices, control your system with just your voice.* WLAN Adaptor will be required on each unit and Internet connection

Panasonic also manufacture cassettes where the indoor unit is installed in the ceiling. Available in Mini facia (for smaller rooms) and both single and three phase in the standard facia range

Air & Water supplies and installs the full range of Panasonic’s wall splits, cassettes and floor systems.

Air and Water recommends the Premium models as providing the best value for money whilst providing Clean Air.

Panasonic Multi Room Split Air Conditioning System

Panasonic’s range of multi-split systems are available from 5kW up to 10kW cooling capacity (outdoor unit capacity).  The systems are able to have up to 5 indoor units connected and up to 18kW maximum connected capacity. With wall splits, cassettes and mini ducted indoor units available a combination of these can be used to treat the difficult installation.

Again the outdoor units are small and compact, easily located on balconies or tight fit areas.

For bigger homes choose the VRV-S, a residential VRV system which allows up to 14 heads and 24kW of output from the outdoor unit (compressor).

Panasonic Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Married up with the iZone control system, all Panasonic ducted systems are installed with NanoeX. Ducted reverse cycle aircon is very popular in Perth because it is suited to the climate and heats or cools your whole home. A  zoned ducted system reduces the area treated so reducing the size of system required and cutting running cost.

Panasonic offer a range of systems from 6.0kW up to 22.4kW so there is a model to suit your home or office. Again with single phase or three phase systems available, there is a Panasonic system which will provide years of treated comfort

Panasonic range of ducted systems are also approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia.

Panasonic have got it spot on with the features and build.

  • Use inverter technology to improve efficiency and reduce compressor (outdoor unit) noise
  • They can even come apart and come in slim profile so they can fit where other ducted systems cannot
  • Use R32 refrigerant which is kind on the environment as it does not harm the ozone layer
  • Are compatible with the easy to use  WiFi compatible iZone 4 series controller. The iZone touch screen controller comes with the optional and very popular iSave system which slashes your ducted air conditioner’s running cost. Air & Water is the market leader in Perth for installing iZone and iSave.

Air and Water recommends the Panasonic range with the iZone controller as the best value for money – as you get the all the important features of a Panasonic system plus the Smart Home features of the iZone system.

Panasonic VRF Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) – also known as VRV- systems suit larger homes to massive commercial buildings. VRF is like a multi-split on steroids! You can have multiple outdoor units (compressors) running multiple indoor units of different types. Each compressor runs independently so you can have one on heating mode and another  on cooling mode, which can be vital for some industries.  The benefits of VRF technology include less piping and greater energy efficiency.

Air and Water  supply and install small to mid-sixed commercial jobs.

The Panasonic Clean Air Difference

Panasonic also manufacture a range of products which incorporate the NanoeX technology to treat the air in your environment.

Portable NanoeX Generator is a small portable console which you can take with you. Plug it into the car, take it work, clean and protect yourself.

Ceiling Mount NanoeX Generator – aire is a slim, compact and light generator that is easy to fit into the ceiling. Backed with a full 3 year parts and labour warranty.

Air Purifier with NanoeX is a stand alone air purifier designed to clean the air in larger areas.

As you have just read, there’s a huge range of Panasonic air conditioners so contact Air and Water and we can help you choose the right system for you.  Air & Water provide free quotes with no obligation to buy.