iZone 435: the Smartest Air Conditioning Controller

The iZone controller is leading the way in smart and stylishiZone logo
ducted reverse cycle air conditioning and zone control in one easy to use touch pad.

Their flagship product, the iZone 435+ Nexus (which replaces the iZone 310, 311, 312 & 320), comes with features unmatched across Australia; and it’s designed & supplied by a local Perth business.

iZone 435 Features

Installing a ducted refrigerated system with an iZone controller is the smart thing to do. The iZone controller will convert your home or office into a Smart Home. No expensive wiring, and once it is installed you can add any of the iZone smart devices to make your life comfortable.

Look at our Smart Home page to see what Air and Water in partnership with iZone can do for you.

Standard Features


The iZone 435 is custom designed to integrate with various brands of air conditioner. This means that you only need one air conditioning controller.  The iZone controller is compatible with key brands of air conditioner used in Australia: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Daikin, Panasonic, Gree, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Samsung, Temperzone, Hitachi and LG with more available all the time.

iZone 425 Nano

One step down from the Nexus is the Nano controller. The original facia from the first iZone controller we installed, now comes with all the functions and apps as the Nexus, just in the smaller wall mounted controller.

iZone 110 and iZone 155 Controllers

For builders, property managers and people on a tight budget, you may opt for the manufacturer’s  standard (not zoned) air conditioning controller and get the iZone 110 for your zone controller.

iZone now also supply the 155 Naked controller. This controller is able to control all the systems noted above.

It will control both the air conditioner and the zones.

If WiFi is available the the WiFi module has been installed, you are able to control the system via your smart device from any where.

The iZone 155 will treat up to 6 zones.

Why is it called the naked controller. That is because the actual controller does not have to be installed or fitted to the wall. Leave it in a drawer or in the cupboard as you actually never need to go to it.

So if your on a budget, but want all the features, we at Air and Water have the answer right here.

Air and Water supplies and installs Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Panasonic, Daikin, Hitachi and Gree with iZone controllers. Contact Air and Water Residential for your free quote to discover how iZone could make your comfortable.