Solar Hot Water The Ideal Water Heater for Perth

Solar hot water systems are the perfect choice for Perth homes because they cost very little to run, are long lasting, require minimal maintenance and a government rebate covers up to 40% of the cost. They are ideally suited to Perth’s sunny climate, where we have an average of nearly 8 hours of brilliant sunshine a day . This means you need minimal boosting by the back-up hot water system (booster) to keep water piping hot for your home.

Rinnai Sunmaster close coupled 330 litre vitreous enamel tank with electric booster
Rinnai Sunmaster close coupled 330 litre vitreous enamel tank with electric booster
Rinnai Sunmaster split system, 315 litre vitreous enamel tank, 2 panels electric booster
Rinnai Sunmaster split system, 315 litre vitreous enamel tank, 2 panels electric booster
Rinnai split system 2 panels, 315 litre stainless steel tank & electric booster
Rinnai split system 2 panels, 315 litre stainless steel tank & electric booster
Zones for hot water rebates (STCs), Perth is in zone 3
Zones for hot water rebates (STCs), Perth is in zone 3

Compared to other methods of hot water heating, the cost of solar is competitive over the system’s life due to its low running cost and long system life. 

Solar systems comprise a tank to store the hot water and solar panels, fitted on the roof, to heat the water. Choose either a medium or large tank to suit your water usage. You can have 1, 2 or 3 panels to heat the water. In Perth, the tank is commonly located on the roof (close-coupled) but it can also be sited on the ground (split system) and the water pumped up from the tank to the panels to be heated.


Government Rebates

Government rebates for solar hot water systems continue to be at their best levels since September 2013. You could knock as much as $1,748 off a super sized 330l solar hot water system with 3 panels.

These rebates won’t last forever, so it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of a good price drop.

 While the initial solar purchase price is high, federal rebates through STCs offset up to one third of the cost of an installed system.  STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates) are determined by a government body, ORER, and more STCs are awarded for more efficient systems. STCs trade at around $20 -$40 each. The value of each STC varies frequently depending upon supply and demand. Green Energy trade STCs and you can view their current STC rate onlineAir and Water deduct STCs from the purchase price of the unit and handle the STC claim. Exceptions are Supply Only and Plonk On installations, as detailed below.


The Benefits of Rinnai Systems from Air & Water

Air and Water recommend and install Rinnai models under the brand name of Sunmaster, as detailed in the table below. Rinnai’s systems are amongst the most efficient which means you get higher STCs up front and lower running costs each year they also don’t dump excess heated water (many other brands do)– a triple win.
If you are looking for a replacement solar hot water system, then you don’t have to swap like for like brands. Air & Water replace a lot of Solahart units with the affordable and feature packed Rinnai models. Replacing systems is called a solar to solar installation and, as there is less plumbing involved, the price is cheaper than a full installation and you still get STCs deducted from the price, super savings! We also remove your old unit.

Please note, until recently Rinnai’s solar systems used to be branded Equinox.

As well as the traditional solar systems detailed below we can also supply and install evacuated tube systems. We have not provided any detail on evacuated tube systems here because they are more expensive and not as suitable for WA’s climate as the traditional solar hot water systems. (Read why on our Frost Proof Solar Hot Water blog).


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Air and Water 


Rinnai’s Range and Features

 5 Rinnai solar hot water systems logo Rinnai Sunmaster Logo
Tank  construction Steel coated in vitreous enamel
Choice of gas or electric booster Both
Tank manufactured in China
Tank on roof (close coupled) or tank on ground (split system) Either
Tank storage capacity close coupled 200 or 330 litre
Tank storage capacity split system 250 or 315 litre
Close coupled tank colour Dune
Split system tank colour Dune
Choice of panel Enduro standard / Excelsior standard (good in dappled light) optional frost tolerant kit Yes – all 4
Does the frost proof system have a water or glycol filled panel? Water
Hot water dumped from the tank if water exceeds 50oC? No, this can result in noise on
very hot days if water use is low
STCs compared to other  popular brands Very high – maximises savings
Gas booster Rinnai Infinity S20 or S26
Sacrificial anode which needs replacing every 2 – 5 years? Yes
Average system life 7-20 years
Warranty parts and labour on standard model* 3 years generally
Warranty on tank / panels for domestic use 5 years / 7 years
Information as at March 2022. Don’t purchase based on this information without confirming that it’s current. *Commercial use warranty 1 year

Types Of Installation

Air and Water Residential provide:

For Supply Only or Plonk On jobs, ín accordance with the government rebate conditions, we charge the retail price and you claim back the STCs once your system is fully installed.


There are so many systems available so it is impractical to price all types so here are the prices of the most popular family sized systems:

Rinnai Sunmaster Logo Mid Sized
Mid Sized
New System
Large Replace-
ment System

New System

Vitreous enamel tank,
close coupled,on roof
200 litre 200 litre 330 litre 330 litre
Enduro panels 1 panel 1 panel 2 panels 2 panels
Suits Individual
or Couple
or Couple
Family Family
Booster Electric Electric Electric Electric
Installation Solar to solar Full Solar to solar Full
Price installed incl. GST* $4808 $5470 $6483 $6978
Less STCs using
$35.00 per STC zone 3**
-$595 -$595 – $1295 – $1295
Price after STCs* $4213 $4875 $5188 $5680
Get a quote for your home

Price for a standard installation at 1 March 2022. Don’t purchase without confirming this information is still current. *Cash price for a standard installation in the Perth metropolitan area. Call us for full details. **STCs are granted at the date of installation and as STCs vary frequently the STC price on the date of installation.  Check out the current STC price from Green Energy .  We, Air & Water, charge you the price after STCs on full installations. We reserve the right to charge you for any variation in the STC price between the date of the quote and the date the solar hot water system is installed. Air and Water also supply and install gas boosted and split systems.