Gree- World leading air condititioner

Air & Water and Gree

Air & Water in Perth are happy to promote Gree split and ducted air conditioners.

Gree is the number one air conditioning brand in the world. In fact 1 in 3 air conditioners installed world wide are manufactured by Gree. Manufactured is China, one in three air conditioners used world wide are Gree units.

Gree commenced business in 1991 as an air conditioning company, but rapidly expanded into home appliances and high end communication equipment. Gree systems have been imported into Australia for over 10 years and are known for their reliability at a price point that makes Comfort achievable on a budget.

The Gree company ethos is for innovation and to create new ways to help people live well and stay comfortable. This is backed up by the instance of all the products been quality focused.

Gree are so confident in the product they offer comprehensive 6 years parts and labour warranty on the complete range of splits and ducted systems.

The Australian distributor for Gree, Beijer Ref Australia holds the warranty for all systems sold in Australia and carry a full range of all parts.

The Gree Bora wall split is right for you?

If you need a wall split system that works, you can not go past the entry level Gree Bora range of splits.

Quite and energy efficient, the Bora range comes with WiFi control as standard.

With four size units, from 2.5kW for the average bedroom up to a 7.1kW system to suit the main living area, all are backed with the 6 year market leading warranty.

All four units are operated on R32 gas, which is the leading environmental gas.

iChoose LED display on the face panel of the wall unit, allows you to view the set point, mode for simple confirmation of where your comfort levels are.

If you already know what system or model air conditioner you need for your home or business, talk to us today to arrange a quote, or simply send us your house plans and we’ll work it all out for you and call you back.

If you’re not sure which Gree air conditioner you need, here’s a quick look at their range.  To understand the types and price range of different domestic systems read our Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning.

Domestic Range (6 Year Warranty)

Air and Water recommends the Gree Bora models as providing the best value for money whilst being perfectly suited to Perth’s climate.

Gree ducted systems

Gree Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle aircon is very popular in Perth because it is suited to the climate and heats or cools your whole home. Ducted systems are typically zoned to reduce the area treated so reducing the size of system required and cutting running cost.

Gree ducted range, from 5.3kW all the way up to a 24kW three phase unit, has a unit sized that Air and Water will guarantee to treat your environment.

A ducted system with the indoor unit installed in your roof space, you will only see the ceiling outlets, making the systems unobtrusive. Chose between the standard 4 way multi directional outlets or upgrade to a swirl grille, the Gree ducted system will cool even on the hottest day.

All Gree ducted systems can be matched with the iZone 435 controller, to turn your environment into the Smart Home.

Like the Bora split system, all Gree ducted systems are operated on R32 gas.

Importantly, and only available on our MHI range of ducted systems, Gree ducted systems are all manufactured with an inbuilt condensation pump. This means that if the drain has to run uphill due to the internal roof structure, the system will pump the condensation generated with the operation of the unit, out of the roof.

As you have just read, there’s a massive argument to use the Gree  air conditioners in your environment so contact Air and Water and we can help you choose the right system for you.  Air & Water provide free quotes with no obligation to buy.