Evaporative cooler – CoolBreeze

Air & Water and CoolBreeze

Air & Water have promoted and installed hundreds of the CoolBreeze evaporative coolers over the years, so we know what the brand is all about.

Manufactured right here in Perth for over 35 years, they are renown for the great air flow, range of sizes and reliability.

We can honestly say we get maybe one warranty call a year and these are attended too by fully trained service technicians.

CoolBreeze manufactured by Air Group, have a budget range in the EzyCool product, a respected Heritage or Cascade option and then the ultimate with the Maxima.

All EzyCool and CoolBreeze units are supplied with the latest filter pad medium, EcoPad. No morer new pad smell from the formaldehyde camical that is commonly found on other systems.

The right CoolBreeze system for you?

The EzyCool range is the budget model used in rentals or builder supplied instances. Still made with all the care of the other bards from the supplier it just does not have all the features as its bigger brothers.

Direct drive motors of 600watt up to 1000 watt allow for air flow to treat from 3 outlets up to 10 outlets.

All the systems Air and Water install are supplied with the water management and automatic weather seal system as standard.

The EzyCool is available in 4 sizes and three colours.

EzyCool is supported with a full two year parts and labour warranty on both residential and commercial applications.

Heritage and Cascade Systems

The Heritage is the classic square upright model available in 6 models and 5 colours.

With motors from 600 watts up to 1000 watts, up to 12 outlets are able to be installed off a single unit.Cool Breeze Heritage

With a wide range of colours, there is a CoolBreeze that will suit your roof.

The Cascade is a roof “slopper” that is only available in four sizes, but that is more than sufficient for most Perth homes.

Both the Heritage and Cascade models have features that make life easy.

The Heritage and Cascade are installed with a full 5 year parts and labour warranty, but a simple 10 year warranty upgade is available.

  • High flow Super water pumps with industry leading water delivery rates
  • Pressurised water distribution for total filter media saturation
  • Teco-Westinghouse direct drive motors
  • MaganSensor water level management – which never needs adjustment
  • 4 Season automatic Weather Seal – no need to get on the roof and clover the system for winter
  • Exhaust mode – to suck pad air out the home
  • Auto Clean Cycle – cleans the pads for longer life
  • Bushfire mode – the only system available where you can pump the water through the system with the fan operating

The Maxima system is available in both the Heritage or the Cascade range. This model of CoolBreeze is in fact all about the motor.

The motor on the Maxima is uses Inverter technology to provide even greater savings in in performance and function.

  • Lower running costs – reduces power consumption at lower speeds
  • Longer Life – when motors operate on lower speeds, they just last longer
  • Greater comfort – by more precise control of the inverter motor
  • Superior air flow – via the unique golf ball dimples on the blades, provides more air flow
  • Reduced noise levels – reduced fan speed via the inverter motor makes for a quiter system

Cool Breeze also manufacture a massive twin fan system used in Commercial installations. With double the air flow a D500 can treat a workshop, or showroom with ease

Air and Water  supply and install small to mid-sixed commercial jobs.