iSave Slashes Ducted Aircon Running Cost

At Air and Water, we are often asked how to save running cost of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. Now we have the perfect solution – the fantastic iSave system.


The iSave system cools your whole home using your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner’s fan mode for only a few cents an hour.

 FreeAir system saves aircon running costs

The iSave System gets fresh air from outside, filters it and then pumps it into your rooms. The hot air is then expelled outside through your roof space or your open windows. It is like adding an evaporative air conditioner to your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system (but without the bulky unit on your roof and no water is required).

What is the Benefit of the iSave System?iSAVE-logo

The iSave system helps you reap the benefit if the fan mode on your conditioner thus saving you a fortune in air conditioning running costs. The more you use it rather than your conventional ducted reverse cycle air conditioner the more you save! It costs just a few cents an hour to run.

You can use your iSave at night time or whilst at work to stop heat build-up. Your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is more efficient and costs less to run when it doesn’t have to work so hard. iSave filters the air it brings into your home.

iSave costs less than half the price of an evaporative air conditioner to buy and install (and you get all the great features of the iZone 435 controller).

When Can It Be Installed?

iSave Cowl

Only the cowl is visible outside. It is fitted on your roof.

The iSave System can be installed with new or retrofit compatible ducted reverse cycle air conditioners – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Panasonic, Daikin, Hitachi, Grea, Fujitsu, Toshiba and LG (more compatible brands are coming online all the time).

We need sufficient roof space to fit the system in and to install an iZone 435 air conditioning controller.

Call Air and Water today on 6363 5343 to find out how iSave could work for you. We install in the Perth metro area only.