Evaporative Air Conditioning

Choosing the Right Evaporative Air Conditioner for You

If you are in Perth and are looking for the most economical form of air conditioning to cool your whole home, then evaporative air conditioning (also known as evaporative coolers) is the ideal choice.

Evaporative air conditioner
Evaporative air conditioner

CoolBreeze Heritage

An evaporative system
An evaporative system
Enviroseal closes off in winter, no need for a winter cover.
Enviroseal closes off in winter, no need for a winter cover.

Standard with all CoolBreeze units, including the EzyCool.

Flexible duct used to distribute air from the evaporative air conditioner
Flexible duct used to distribute air from the evaporative air conditioner
MDO Evaporative Grilles
MDO Evaporative Grilles
The evaporative sits on UV rated plastic flashing to prevent leaks
The evaporative sits on UV rated plastic flashing to prevent leaks
CoolBreeze QA
CoolBreeze QA

CoolBreeze QA controller, 100 speed setting and Bush Fire mode

Evaporative air conditioning Perth is so popular because it is:

While there are a handful of different brands on the market, Air and Water, in Perth, recommend and install CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioners.

Quite simply our experience in terms of reliability and price has demonstrated to both us and our clients that CoolBreeze coolers last the distance, and provide better coverage and performance than competing brands.

Also should anything go wrong after the warranty period, replacement parts are readily available, affordable and easy to install.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Air and Water 

  • Air & Water use reputable, experienced & licensed installers. We have supplied and installed over 1,700 evaporative air conditioners installed in 8 years. Specialists in all types of evaporative air conditioning – commercial, residential, new installations and replacing old evaporative systems. Air & Water is a CoolBreeze Gold dealer.
  • Word Of Mouth awarded in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for top customer service, read what over 100 of our past customers have to say about us.
  • Choice of models and installation features to suit both the budget conscious buyer and the customer who wants to maximise their air conditioner’s performance.
  • We install R1.0 thermal rated ducting as standard.
  • Our Y pieces are fully sealed so they don’t leak air into the roof space.
  • We are able to prove a system where you can operate the system with your doors and windows closed.
  • Want aircon now but budget is a bit tight? Use finance to fund your purchase.

Why Choose CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning from Air & Water?

  EzyCool Heritage & Cascade Maxima
Manufactured in Western Australia Western Australia Western Australia
Who this suits Budget Conscious Buyer, Second Homes, Rental Properties People wanting Great Value – the most popular features at a good price The discerning home owner – ultra low running cost, low noise, humidity control, exhaust & bush fire modes
Includes Air & Water’s Performance Package? (see below) No Yes Yes
Reliable Yes  Yes Yes
Area can treat 113m2 to 195m2  117m2 to 223m2 124m2 to 235m2
Number of models 4  6 & 4 6 & 4
Maximum number of outlets with largest model 10 12 12
Quiet Yes Yes Yes, Quietest
Number of unit colours 3 – terracotta, beige, charcoal 5- terracotta, beige, charcoal, green and Ebony*
EcoPad – larger = longer life & greater efficiency 85mm 120mm 120mm
Controller Slimline Digital Manual Hard wired QM or QA wall control
Unit Warranty (option to extend)** 2 years parts and labour 5 years parts and labour  (10 years) 5 years parts and
labour (10 year)
Installation Warranty 5 year 5 years 5 years
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Above information is current at January 2022. Do not purchase based on this information without confirming that it is still current.

* Some colours do not suit the Plastic droppers and flashing Air and Water offer

** Extended warranty on CoolBreeze is subject to terms and conditions. 2 years parts and labour warranty on any range for a commercial installation.

Air & Water’s Performance Package

When you choose a Heritage or Cascade with the QA controller from Air and Water we include:Edmonds windmaster mill finish

Note this package is only available on residential supply and installlation of evaporative air conditioning Perth metro area and may not be possible for all home designs.

*Conditions apply, contact us for details.Security Relief Vent

Call Air & Water for more information on 6363 5343.


Evaporative Air Conditioning Prices

Each home and aircon installation is so different that it is difficult to provide evaporative air conditioning prices.

Want to be cool? Get a free quote from Air and Water now.