Ducted Gas Heating in Perth

Why Choose Air & Water For Ducted Gas Heating

  • Ducted gas heating supply and install in Perth of both Bonaire and Braemar heaters. The Airstream air distribution system Air & Water installs is guaranteed not to leak air and comes with R1.0 ducting
  • 20 years design experience. One of the largest installers of ducted gas heating in Perth
  • WOMO awards in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for being in the top 5% of business based on customers reviews
  • Reliable and experienced installers & licensed gas fitters, backed by a 5 year installation guarantee
  • Interest free finance is available

Ceiling outlets for heating – designed to push hot air down to ground level
Ceiling outlets for heating – designed to push hot air down to ground level
The indoor unit produces warm air which is distributed to you home via flexible duct in your roof space
The indoor unit produces warm air which is distributed to you home via flexible duct in your roof space
Underfloor heating with outdoor model
Underfloor heating with outdoor model

Ducted Gas Heating Overview

Ducted gas heating is becoming increasingly popular in Perth because it can be installed along side evaporative cooling.  It heats your whole home and is safe, even for use in bedrooms!

The price for this kind of heating is substantially lower than ducted reverse cycle air conditioning making it an economical choice, typically costing between $4,000 and $8,000 installed. The price of these heating systems varies depending on the size (kW) of the unit, its star rating, number of outlets and zones, complexity of the installation and whether the zones are individually temperature controlled.

The running cost of ducted heating depends upon its star rating, the price of gas, and the proper use and installation of the system.

The higher the star rating of the ducted gas heater the more efficient it is. A higher star rating unit will cost less to run and be better for the environment than a lower star heater.

The maximum star rating on the market is now 7 stars and the lowest is 3 stars. A higher star rated heater costs more to buy than a lower star alternative as improvements like a second heat exchanger are required to generate the increased heat efficiency.

In Perth, 4 star systems are most popular with a running cost similar to or lower than reverse cycle air conditioning.

Comparison of the Two Leading Ducted Gas Heaters

Air and Water Residential supply and install the popular Bonaire brand of ducted gas heater. Bonaire is an affordable brand whilst providing the track record, reliability and parts availability that you want when making a long term investment.

Air and Water will design your ducted gas heating based on your heating usage and home’s design to make best use of any savings by zoning. Zoning reduces the size of system you require and its running cost by only heating part of your house at one time.

Gas fumes? No
Unobtrusive Yes
In roof or outdoor units Both – in roof most popular in Perth
Runs on natural gas or LPG? Models to suit either. LPG not recommended as very high running cost.
Star rating of models 4 stars  (other star rated models are not available in Perth)
Zone to reduce running costs? Yes
Max # of zones 4 +2 extra with an additional controller
Quiet Yes
Remote control? Yes – Navigator: programmable & diagnostics or can opt for hard wired model
Individual room temperature control? No
Can reduce gas flow and fan speed? Yes
Pilot light or electric ignition? Electric ignition
Warranty 5 years
10 years on the heat exchanger 
Manufactured in Australia
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Information current at March 2015. Do not purchase based on this information without confirming it is still current.