Does Air and Water Residential provide fixed price quotes?

We provide as much certainty as possible with our pricing within our written quote. Our prices quoted are guaranteed for a full 365 days, as long as you provide us with your signed Acceptance Document and deposit within 14 days of the quote.

Unfortunately, some things cannot be confirmed until the date of installation. The most common variations in the quote comes from plumbers needing extra gas pipework or gas pressure or a tempering valve being required.

Our sales staff cannot provide an accurate assessment of gas pipework lengths or gas pressure because the rules are not straightforward and only licensed plumbers can make that assessment.  Please remember that if we need to extra gas pipe or gas pressure, then other companies’ installers would have to as well (and they would also charge you for that).

Our sales staff cannot verify whether a tempering valve is required however we do detail the price of a tempering valve in our quotes, should one be required.

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