Here are answers to commonly asked questions about what Air and Water Residential do. You can also check out our blog for general articles on air conditioning, hot water and solar power.

Air Conditioning FAQs

Does Air and Water Residential do air conditioning servicing?

Yes, we do service air conditioners.

However we only service the brands that we supply as we can get our clients the best prices on parts, and we have the expertise to do quality repairs for these units.

Does Air and Water Residential provide fixed priced quotes?

We provide as much certainty as possible with our pricing within our written quote. Our prices quoted are guaranteed for a full 365 days, as long as you provide us with your signed Acceptance Document and deposit within 14 days of the quote.

Unfortunately, some things cannot be confirmed until the date of installation. The most common variation in the quote comes from electricians or refrigeration mechanics needing extra electrical or refrigeration pipework. Our sales staff cannot provide accurate assessments of how much extra electrical or pipework may be needed because the rules are not straightforward, and electrical cable is not run back to the meter board “as the crow flies”.  Please remember that if we need to use extra electrical or pipe, then other companies’ installers would have to as well (and they would also charge you for that).

Does Air and Water Residential sell portable air conditioning?

We only sell portable evaporative air conditioning . The two evaporative air conditioners we stock are:

–        Durango room only residential portable air conditioning unit treats up to 75m2

–        Cool Breeze commercial portable air conditioning unit treats up to 240m2.

Do you install air conditioners if we’ve bought an air conditioner elsewhere?

No we don’t.

We only install air conditioners that we source and supply to ensure we deliver a quality air conditioning installation service. You also need to be aware that if you have separate installers from where you purchased your air conditioner, you may face problems in the event of a warranty claim if there is any doubt over whether the warranty claim relates to the unit or the installation.