By Julie Curnow

Wi-Fi, 3G and Home Automation now available for iZone

The iZone 310 Wi-Fi and Home Automation Module from Airstream is now available.

This enables your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning that has an iZone contoller to be run through your iPhone, iPad or iPod. For Android users the App is currently undergoing testing, but you won’t have to wait too long. 

It has been designed specifically for the iZone 310 but will also control the functions of an iZone 210.

How Does it all Work?

To enable your iZone system to be controlled via Wi-Fi in your home you will need to purchase a Wi-Fi / Home Automation module (CHAM).

You should contact your air conditioning installation company to arrange the purchase and installation of the CHAM for you.

 The CHAM needs to be plugged into a network port on the iZone system. The Wi-Fi and Home Automation Module needs to be configured, by typing in your home Wi-Fi network name and password.

Finally download the iZone App from the Apple itunes store to your iPhone and you can control your iZone from your phone using your Wi-Fi.

If you want to control your air conditoning away from home, you will also need to buy a 6 month subscription from iZone World Wide

Air and Water Residential are an authorised dealer for all Airstream products including the iZone, and can organise the purchase and installation of these products for you.

How do I upgrade existing iZone systems to accept Wi-Fi control?

You will need to purchase and have an authorised air conditioning dealer install and configure the iZone 310 Wi-Fi and Home Automation Module. The dealer will take your existing controller away to get the software updated on your controller. This updates the touch screen graphics and displays the Wi-Fi configuration menus.

As a special offer, the touchscreen software upgrade will be provided for free until 1st March 2014. Thereafter there will be a small charge to upgrade the touch screen software. If you are interested in this offer, contact the friendly team at Air and Water Residential and we can answer your questions and arrange this upgrade for you.

 Which Home Automation Systems will iZone 310 work with?

The iZone Home Automation module is designed to connect to any home automation system that has an RS 232 or RS 485 serial interface.

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