By Julie Curnow

Stay Cool and Save Money this Summer

With the Aussie summer fast approaching it is nearly time to ready our air conditioners, fans and ice trays. During summer our use of reverse cycle air conditioning can send our bills through the roof. So what are some ways we can get the most out of our air conditioners while saving on power?

Be Resourceful

Rather than turning your reverse cycle air conditioner on at the slightest sign of heat, try some other cooling techniques. Have an ice tray at the ready, drinks in the fridge ready for consumption and swap your usual snacks for some frozen treats. Open as many windows as possible to get a nice breeze through the house and turn off unnecessary lights. If you decide to switch on the reverse cycle air conditioner, make sure you shut all of your windows or your cool air will escape. If you have an  evaporative cooler no need to worry about cranking it up, as it costs very little to run and you need your doors and windows open.

Thermostat Control

Using a programmable thermostat can help you save significantly by allowing you to decrease the amount of power the air conditioner is using when no one is in the house. You can also programme your thermostat so that it doesn’t cool the house as much at night. During the night you don’t notice temperature as much and you therefore don’t need the same level of coolness as you do when you are awake. Also make use of zoning so you only cool rooms that are in use.

Use Fans

Using fans while your air conditioner is running can give you a good wind chill factor. This means you can increase the temperature on your air conditioner and still feel sufficiently cooler. Fans are much cheaper to run than reverse cycle air conditioners and can therefore help you reduce the amount of money going into keeping your house cool. 

Install blinds or shade

By installing blinds inside or an awning outside you will reduce the heat produced from direct sunlight.

Get your Air Conditioner Serviced

Getting a professional to check your air conditioner annually will ensure that any performance issues are fixed. Performance issues can cause your air conditioner to use more power because it will work harder to produce the desired effects.


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