By Julie Curnow

Replacement Evaporative Air Conditioning

Replacement evaporative air conditioning is common in Perth now as lots of units are reaching the end of their lives (15 – 22 years is the typical lifespan).

Should I Repair or Replace My Evaporative Aircon?

Good news, generally replacement parts are available for old evaporative air conditioners and many are cheap and quick to replace.

Quick guide on repair vs replacement evaporative air conditioning :  Repair   Replace
The unit is over 15 years old and struggling to cool tick
At least one expensive part needs replacement and unit is getting to the end of its life. Eg motor, water pump, controller tick
Cost to repair < $300 – washer, fuse, solenoid, capacitor, fan assembly, impellor tick
Leaking water. Dump valve or solenoid needs replacement tick
The unit is under sized and has to run on high most of the time tick

Celdek pads are not expected to last 15+ years.

Celdek pads are shown in orange

Celdek pads are shown in orange

Whether pads last 5 – 7 years depends on water quality, pad quality, regular servicing and water dumping frequency. At the annual service check the state of the pads and replace them if them are brittle or losing shape.

Call a local air conditioning specialist as they can help you decide whether to repair or replace your air conditioner.
They can tell you the cost of replacing your evaporative air conditioner with the same or a different brand.
If they do servicing, they can give you an idea of repair cost for common faults like water leakage.
You have to pay a service technician to come out and diagnose the issue so most people have their air conditioner serviced and repaired at the same time (if the parts are available).

Most evaporative air conditioning manufacturers offer a 3 year warranty and often the warranty can be extended to 5 years if you comply with the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. So if your unit fails whilst under warranty contact the dealer who supplied and installed it or contact the manufacturer direct.

Call us at Air and Water Residential on (08) 6363 5343 if you are in Perth and want a price on having your evaporative replaced or your Bonaire or Cool Breeze aircon repaired or serviced.


Cost to Replace Evaporative Air Conditioner?

The cost to replace an evaporative air conditioner unit is from around $2,600 installed for the smallest model including new controller. Price depends on brand, system size and ease of installation.

You may also need your dropper and flashing replaced. Our price for a replacement dropper and durable plastic flashing is $400 installed. The ducting and evaporative air conditioner connect on to the dropper. Your evaporative aircon sits on flashing so that water doesn’t leak into your roof.

Some companies will use metal flashing as it is cheaper. Metal flashing rusts. Plastic flashing is made of a special ultra violet polymer and generally comes with a 25 year warranty. We recommend plastic flashing as the additional cost is tiny over 20 years and you don’t have to worry about it rusting and potentially leaking into your roof space.  

If your ducting is 20 years old it is best replacing it as it is reaching the end of its expected life and you don’t want cooled air leaking into your roof space. The price of ducting depends on the number of outlets.

Generally ceiling grilles are not replaced unless the customer requests otherwise. This means that there is no need to cut your ceilings.

Your old evaporative unit, flashing and ducting are large so check whether any replacement evaporative air conditioner price includes a skip bin or removal of the old system.

Call an aircon dealer to get an idea of the cost to replace your air conditioner. You will need to provide:

  • Brand of your conditioner (you can see it on the controller)
  • Model from your invoice. If this is not known provide the area that needs cooling (home area less garage, bathroom, laundry and hall)
  • Number of outlets (ceiling grilles where the air comes out)
  • Whether your home is single or double storey and if the roof pitch is unusually steep

Provide if you know:

  • State of flashing and whether it is metal or plastic
  • State of ducting.

Ensure that the company will come out for free before they do the installation so they can give you a firm quote. No one wants expensive surprises on the day of installation.

If you are thinking of ducted reverse cycle for replacement evaporative air conditioning then read our blog about the cost, pitfalls and other alternatives.

If you are in Perth and looking for someone to repair or replace your air conditioner contact  Air and Water Residential on 6363 5343. We service and repair Bonaire and Cool Breeze evaporative air conditioners. We supply and install replacement Cool Breeze evaporative air conditioning systems across the Perth metro area. Contact us today for your free quote.


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