By Julie Curnow

Quadra Wood Heater – For Stylish and Easy Heating

Quadra 4300 Millenium Fire flued through a rammed earth wall

4300 Millenium Quadra Wood Heater

Air and Water Residential recently installed a Quadra wood heater for a client in Dalkeith.  The couple wanted the ambience of a log fire with the convenience of a gas fire to heat downstairs and provide warmth upstairs. As no gas fire could produce enough heat to even warm downstairs, we convinced the couple to go for a slow burning Quadra wood fire instead.

Installing the Quadra Fire

The home is double storey and has stunning rammed earth walls. The flue was vented to a side wall as there were rooms above. Dave, our installer, had to get the vent location for the flue in the right place as there is no hiding a damaged rammed earth wall.  The client opted for a plain black flue inside to match the heater.

The warmth of the rammed earth walls and the simple styling of the Quadra fire evokes a cosy country setting despite the home being in one of Perth’s western suburbs. The polished concrete floors and rammed earth walls are heat resistant so there is no need for a hearth and the fire could be installed close to the walls.

Why a Wood Heater rather than a Gas Fire for Home Heating

After a fire has burned continually for 2-3 days, enough heat has circulated to warm this home’s walls and floor. The heat is retained and the whole home becomes warm and toasty.


The Quadra 4300 Millenium we installed at this home treats up to 200 sqm, is up to 81%  efficient and will burn up to 10 hours. This compares to other popular wood heaters in Perth which are typically 60-70% efficient and can’t necessarily burn overnight.


Flue vented to the side and up through the eaves

The colour of the steel flue outside will mute with use and being outside

Why a Quadra Wood Heater is Cheap to Run and Hassle Free

You may think the running cost of a wood heater is expensive but new model slow combustion wood heaters are cheap to run. If you keep your Quadra fire going 24/7 for the three months of the Perth winter you would expect to use three tonnes of wood ( a truck load) which costs around $800 for hardwood.

If you order a truck load of wood, it is pre-cut to lengths to fit in your heater. The wood is in different sizes so you don’t need to buy kindling or chop wood into kindling.

As far as we know, Quadra fires are the most efficient range of wood heaters available in Perth. Greater efficiency means:

  • a longer burn time,
  • less wastage,
  • less fumes,
  • less creosote build up in your chimney and on the glass pane and
  • less time managing your fire – it is easy to start a fire and then all you have to do is load it up every few hours.


When you re-fill your fire with a new load of wood you should increase the airflow to help the wood burn better (particularly if it is damp). The Automatic Combustion Control in the Quadra wood heaters contains a timer which increases airflow for 20 minutes only. I love this feature. Before we had a Quadra at our home there was too many mornings I came downstairs to find our fire had burnt out as I had left the air vent open all night.

Quadra fires are the cheapest form of whole of home heating to buy and run. Read the Quadra fire brochure to see which Quadra fit will heat your home.

For more information on Quadra Wood Heater Installation in Perth, contact Air and Water on 6363 5343 to request a free quote. 

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