By Julie Curnow

Quadra : The Rolls Royce of Wood Heaters

Everybody loves curling up by a roaring fire. They are cosy and add great character to any home, but fires are not renowned for being the most efficient way to heat your home. The Quadra Fire changes all those perceptions. It is one of the most efficient wood burning combustion heaters on the Australian market, burning cleaner and for longer than all the competitors. Many people who are concerned with their environmental impact believe that they have to forego the pleasure of having a wood fire in their home, but significantly lower emissions from this clean burning fire make it a much cleaner, greener alternative.

The more heat a fireplace throws out into your home, the less energy is being wasted from the log fuel. The unique 4-stage burning process in a Quadra Fire means that a single load of wood can burn for up to 14 hours. Most other fires would struggle to burn overnight, but with a Quadra Fire you can wake up in the morning to a toasty warm house. You’ll also be saving time because you won’t need to chop as many logs into kindling to continually re-start your fire from scratch.

Quadra Fires are constructed from solid cast iron, making them very durable and giving them a gorgeous, classic look. There are a great variety of models available, from more traditional looking styles, to models in a much more contemporary style. We love the big viewing window on the front of the unit, as it really makes the most of that beautiful ambience that a real wood fire gives to any home. The unique advanced combustion technology creates a large, beautiful flame that doesn’t dirty the glass. Usually a large viewing pane means a compromise on the efficiency of the heating, but that is not the case with this product.

While these fireplaces do come at a premium cost, they have a limited lifetime warranty, and their quality is unparalleled. They truly are the Rolls-Royce of wood burning fire places. The unique feature of the vent timer means you won’t burn through excess wood if you forget to shut the vent. This will significantly reduce the volume of wood you go through in a season, which is another way to save on unnecessary costs.

Air and Water Residential is one of the few suppliers in Perth of the American made Quadra Fire. We have an extensive range of models on display including the step top range. As you can tell, we’re very proud to be a Quadra Fire supplier, and think it’s a fantastic choice for anyone looking to heat their home with a wood fire. For more information, get in touch or have a look through our whole range of wood burning fires for ideas and inspiration.

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