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Heat your home with a wood fire

Wood fire heating continues to be a popular choice in Australian homes. This isn’t really surprising when you consider its cost saving potential, attractive appearance and ability to add value to a property. The most common wood fires you will…

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Western Australia’s Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme

It will be a long blog if I detail each state’s renewable energy subsidy scheme so I will keep it simple and concentrate on Perth Western Australia because there is only one electricity supplier (and it’s where I live). If…

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Solar Rebates in Australia

Types of Solar Rebates Are you thinking about making the switch to solar? If eligible, you could save thousands of dollars on solar panels, heat pump or hot water systems thanks to the Australian Government’s solar rebates. It’s certainly worth…

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Duct sock installed at Auto One Kalamunda

Commercial evaporative air conditioning with duct sock

Air and Water Residential was invited to design, supply and install a commercial evaporative air conditioning solution for Auto One Kalamunda’s new retail store. With the store’s modern appearance and warehouse scale it was not appropriate to use the traditional…

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What’s the Most Efficient Air Conditioner?

To determine the most efficient air conditioner for your home you need: to have an efficient air conditioner to have the correct sized air conditioner for the area you are treating to maintain and use the air conditioner in accordance…

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