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Solar power myths busted

The Clean Energy Council has updated its Solar Power myths & facts publication. Among the 10 myths facts explored are: Solar panels are expensive Solar panels can only ever make a small contribution to our energy requirements because power isn’t…

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Guide to buying a solar power system

On 19th December 2012, the Clean Energy Council updated its guide  to buying Solar Power, Photovoltaic, Systems. This comprehensive guide is great at giving you an overview of what to know when buying a system and helping you choose the…

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What’s Happening in the Solar Panel Industry in 2013?

Worldwide, government policy has distorted demand and supply in the global photovoltaic industry for many years. 2013 is already seeing changes in some of those distortions. To determine how this translates to solar power systems’ pricing in 2013 we need to…

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Rinnai Infinity Controllers

Rinnai offer 4 different controllers as an optional extra to go with their Rinnai Infinity continuous flow hot water systems. In the absence of controllers, domestic water will be heated to 50oC  (in line with legislation). Controllers Universal Deluxe Bathroom…

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CEC Fact Sheet on Solar & Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Rinnai Equinox solar hot water system

The Clean Energy Council has produced a fact sheet to help buying solar hot water and heat pump hot water systems. The fact sheet provides: an overview of solar hot water systems and heat pumps explains how they work and…

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