By Julie Curnow

Now that’s what I call an air conditioner working display

Have you seen our showroom lately? I assure you, it’s not a Sci-Fi project it’s our air conditioning!

Customers looking for ducted air conditioners ask us about the unit itself but often don’t consider the air con components, as they’re hidden in the roof space.

But the truth is, the air conditioning components are just as important as the air conditioner.

So we set up our showroom’s ducted reverse cycle air conditioning with its Airstream components in full view. Now our customers can see that there are a lot of places where refrigerated air could leak into roof space if the installation was hurried or performed by inexperienced installers.

By having all of the air conditioning system in full view we can:

  • Explain how ducted reverse cycle air conditioning works.
  • Show why it is better not to hang ducting because of hampered airflow.
  • Show people why Airstream components do not leak air and explain why other products do.
  • Demonstrate how our air conditioner can be operated remotely from a smart phone.

The indoor unit cools air which is dispersed in the room by an outlet

The indoor unit uses a fan coil to cool the air

The return air grille takes up the air in your home which it returns to the indoor unit for further cooling

The outlet is fitted flush to your ceiling. There are different types of grille to suit your home design

The  orange zone motors control which zone is turned on or off 

The iZone controller is so smart it can adjust airflow. No need for an installer to set it manually in your roof.

Our Daikin air conditioner is installed with an iZone 310 controller so it can be operated remotely from an app on a smart phone or tablet. If you have this controller you can change the airflow to each outlet from your phone. The climate conscious can also have individual room temperature control using the iZone 310*.

Air and Water Residential proudly uses market leading Airstream components on all of our ducted reverse cycle air conditioning installations as they are guaranteed not to leak air.

Come to our Maddington showroom today and we can show you how to get guaranteed leak-proof ducted air conditioning for your home.

Air and Water Residential is one of Perth’s leading domestic air conditioning dealers with a reputation built on excellence in service and design. That’s why we offer a 5 year guarantee on our installations. 

*Not available with all brands of air conditioner. Call us on (08) 6363 5343 for compatible brands.

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