By Julie Curnow

iLight Intelligent Lighting

iLight Coming 1 August 2016

Launching 1 August, pre-order your iLight intelligent lighting from Air and Water Residential.

iLight  is the next generation of lighting control. It’s affordable, super efficient and feature packed.

Get the iLight pack for $325 and have your 3 LED lights up and running in minutes.  Just download the app, connect the WiFi bridge provided to your modem, screw in the light bulbs, pair each light and you are ready to go. Additional bulbs are $55 each.

The iLight lightbulb lasts up to 20 years (at 5 hours a day). It fits on standard bayonet and screw fittings so you can just take it with you when you move home. The bulb pays for itself in energy savings after 1 year so you have 19 years of savings.

WiFi lighting control means security and convenience. Use your smart phone or tablet to turn your lights on before you get home, turn them off from the comfort of your bed or even set them to operate randomly whilst you are on holiday.

Wake up gently by programming the iLight alarm to turn the light on a low setting and gradually increase the brightness.

Use a bright white setting for reading then dim and change colour to a warm white for a cosy night in. Or party with a choice of 16 million colours and set the bulbs to “beat” to the music.

With complete flexibility to run bulbs individually or as groups you can go crazy and run up to 128 iLights at your home – and make use off the All Off handy setting.

Can’t find your phone or internet is down, then you can still use your standard light or lamp switch.

The $325 iLight pack comprises 3 computer chip operated LED lightbulbs in a choice of standard screw E27 or bayonet B22 fittings and a WIFI bridge. The price includes GST but excludes delivery. The packs can be collected from our Maddington store or from Bibra Lake or posted to you for an additional fee. You need to provide the modem.

For iLight intelligent lighting call 08 6363 5343 and ask for Denis to order your iLight system today from Air and Water Residential.



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