By Julie Curnow

Evaporative Plenum

Air and water have been installing quite a few systems into warehouses this summer.

It is really important that we attend site and discuss what you are looking for.

Are there workbenches where the team need cool air blown over the area. If so we may need to run duct.

Or are there fork lifts working in the area. If so the dropper and plenum may need to be higher so they are not in danger of been wiped out by the forklift.

What size system is required.

Evaporative sizing is based on the air that needs to be moved.

So what does the plenum do.

The evaporative is fitted to a square dropper generally 550 x 550. At the bottom of the dropper is a plastic plenum.

The plenum again can be square and for larger units hexagonal.

The air is blown out of the plenum into the void are.

Just recently we ha a client who wanted air blown under a mezzanine area. So we had a duct board duct made.

This board came off the one side of the dropper and ran under the mezzanine with a wall register.

Client was overjoyed with the end result.

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