By Julie Curnow

Evaporative Air Conditioning Service

Air and Water Residential recently serviced an old Braemar evaporative air conditioner on a home in the Perth hills.

The unit hadn’t been serviced in three years and the celdek pads had degraded so much that they had collapsed and the air conditioning was unusable.

It is important that you replace your pads when they are worn (5-7 years usually) as the pads are where the evaporation process takes place. Poorly functioning pads will reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner, reduce air quality; and, if badly degraded like these pads, may reduce the life of your air conditioner. 

You can replace the pads yourself as long as you know the model of your air conditioner so you can get the right replacement pads.

Wash and inspect the pads (filters) when undertaking your annual service of your evaporative cooler.

Air Group, Gamato and Air Spares are Perth based suppliers of pads, all in the Welshpool / Bentley area.

Air and Water Residential recommend using the better quality and more expensive Celdek pads.



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