By Julie Curnow

Duct sock installed at Auto One Kalamunda

Air and Water Residential was invited to design, supply and install a commercial evaporative air conditioning solution for Auto One Kalamunda’s new retail store. With the store’s modern appearance and warehouse scale it was not appropriate to use the traditional style of ducting, so Auto One wanted to use duct sock.

Duct sock is a fabric ducting which has a large number of varying size holes all along the ducting. This compares to flexible ducting and solid metal ducting which have one outlet at the end of each length of sealed duct.

The beauty of duct sock is that it allows the high air volume from an evaporative cooler to be dispersed evenly along the duct run rather than that high volume of air emitting from the outlet fixed at the end of the duct.

Duct sock comes in a number of colours to suit the clients’ decor.We used white at Auto One Kalamunda for its clean look and so it would blend into the background.

Don Curnow, Managing Director and owner of Air & Water said:

“The duct sock allowed us to design a more aesthetically pleasing system which could fit into smaller places than solid metal ducting. By using duct with different hole orientations we could direct the air flow exactly where we wanted it.”

We used the Duct Sox brand because they are a reliable company that manufactures high quality, cost effective components specifically designed for duct sock systems.

Brad Markovic, Managing Director and owner of Auto One Kalamunda is very happy with the result:

“I am telling everyone how great our new air conditioning system is. It cools the whole store down even with the air conditioning set on low”.

The duct sock was installed with three Cool Breeze D550 commercial evaporative air conditioners.

Duct sock installed by Air & Water at Auto One Kalamunda

Duct sock has different sized holes for even air distribution

Duct sock has a secure air tight fitting to the evapoarative aircon

Duct sock comes in different colours to blend in with the background

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