By Julie Curnow

Coolerado Indirect Evaporative Aircon Installation

In March 2014, Air and Water installed the relatively new and not widely known Coolerado indirect evaporative air conditioner for a commercial client, in Maddington WA, which needed affordable, reliable and precise cooling 24/7 for their laboratory without increasing humidity. A year on and we can report that it has worked perfectly, exceeded the client’s expectations and has been maintenance free.

The unit was installed alongside existing refrigerated air conditioners. This is one of many uses of indirect evaporative coolers – to supplement existing refrigerated systems thereby reducing running costs and extending the life of the refrigerated air conditioners.

The beauty of indirect evaporative coolers are:

  • an ability to cool the air as much as a reverse cycle air conditioner at a fraction of the running cost, up to 80% less says Seeley International. 
  • only one moving part – the fan – and no refrigerant so cheap to maintain and a long system life is expected.

Coolerado units are only suited to commercial properties as they are much larger and more expensive than traditional evaporative coolers.

Air & Water has been supplying and installing evaporative and reverse cycle air conditioners in Perth for the eight years it has been in business. Owner and manager Don Curnow has worked in the air conditioning industry in Perth and Melbourne for 20 years.


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