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I want to change my evaporative over to ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. Can I use my existing ducting and outlets?

Unfortunately no you cannot. Different sized ducting is used for evaporative and ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. And the outlets need to be located in different parts of the room. Evaporative air conditioning outlets are located away from external walls…

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Can I use the water discharged from my evaporative air conditioner to water my garden?

You need to check with your council whether they have rules about the use of discharge water. If they give the ok, then you need to check with your local garden centre on the impacts on your plants, before you…

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Why does my evaporative air conditioner drop water?

This is part of the water management system design. To prolong the life of your evaporative air conditioner the water is flushed periodically from your evaporative cooler. The frequency and amount of water dropped depends upon the brand and settings…

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