By Julie Curnow

Rinnai Infinity Controllers

Rinnai offer 4 different controllers as an optional extra to go with their Rinnai Infinity continuous flow hot water systems.

In the absence of controllers, domestic water will be heated to 50oC  (in line with legislation).

Controllers Universal Deluxe Bathroom Deluxe Kitchen Wireless
Rinnai Infinity Universal Controller Rinnai Infinity deluxe kitchen controller Rinnai Infinity wireless controller
Features of All Controllers Precise temperature control, even if someone flushes a toilet.

The controller sets a uniform water temperature throughout the home.

It is a really easy way to get someone out of the shower if they are taking too long. Turn the controller off and the water runs cold. You might not be popular but it will save you water and energy costs!

Order 2 controllers when you buy your domestic Rinnai Infinity and get an extended warranty – 5 years parts and labour rather than 3 years.

Maximum of 4 controllers in any one home.

Benefits of this model Cheapest and the most popuar. Can be bought as an Infinity 26 kit with 2 controllers for an extra discount. Set your bath capacity and it will fill those litres and then turn off. Great safety feature for young children.Shower saver feature – preset your desired litres.Digital clock, speaker and volume controls. Digital clock, speaker and volume controls. Suitable where wired controller cannot be installed.Child lock
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