By Julie Curnow

LG Electronics Launches New Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Product

LG recently announced the launch of and exciting new product called the Inverter Single Package. Equipped with the company’s latest inverter technology, this air conditioning solution is an exceptionally efficient and high performance product.

This new product from LG offers an impressive integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER), a high energy efficiency ratio (EER), a quieter system and a more environmentally conscious air conditioner.

“This environmentally sound inverter air conditioner guarantees strong, quiet performance and significant energy savings,” said Mr. John Lee, President of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia. “The Inverter Single Package will help to further solidify LG’s strong position in the Middle Eastern air conditioning market. We will continue go grow our global business through designing and manufacturing the most energy efficient, technologically advanced products possible,” he added.

With an IEER of 20 and an EER of 12.5 (based on the performance of the 10RT units), the Inverter Single Package is one of the most efficient temperature control solutions in the world. It has a proven reduced annual power consumption of 25% and is able to achieve the desired indoor temperature up to 30% faster than previous constant Single Package models.

By using the eco-friendly R410 refrigerant, LG also ensures cleaner operation with fewer CO2 emissions. When compared with a 12.5RT unit employing a standard-type refrigerant, LG’s new product was able to record a 23% decrease in ton of oil equivalent (TOE) and a 23% decrease in CO2 emissions.

As well as having a reduced negative impact on the environment, the Inverter Single Package also creates a more relaxing and peaceful environment in your home thanks to LG’s innovative Night Silent mode.
The Inverter Single Package became available in Saudi Arabia in July, 2013.


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